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XXVI/2: Special Studies


Volume XXVI/2:
Research (Warsaw 2017)
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Printed in Poland
Jewels from the cemetery in el-Zuma, Sudan (Photo A. Kamrowski)
1234–5415 (Print), 2083–537X (Online)
(B&W and color illustrations)
Berenike and Aynuna: Polish research on the Red Sea (Warsaw 2017)
Berenike and Aynuna: Polish research on the Red Sea — introduction, pp. 9–14
Iwona Zych
The Indian trade between the Gulf and the Red Sea, pp. 15–32
Michał Gawlikowski
The port of Aynuna in pre-Islamic period. Nautical and topographical considerations on the location of Leuke Kome, pp. 33–42
Karol Juchniewicz
Shaping a city and its defenses; fortifications of Hellenistic Berenike Trogodytika, pp. 43–60
Marek Woźniak
Port town and its harbors: sedimentary proxies for landscape and seascape reconstruction of the Greco-Roman site of Berenike Trogodytica on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, pp. 61–92
Anna M. Kotarba Morley
The harbor of Berenike in the early Roman period: overview of the excavations from 2009 to 2015; with Appendix: The pottery evidence, pp. 93–132
Iwona Zych; Appendix by Agnieszka Dzwonek, Roberta Tomber
The Great Temple of Berenike: new findings of the Berenike Temple Project, pp. 133–146
Martin Hense
Come and dine with me... Early Roman luxury glass tableware from Berenike — new evidence from the harbor area and the trash dumps, pp. 147–166
Renata Kucharczyk
New evidence for the emergence of the human-pet relation in early Roman Berenike (1st–2nd century AD), pp. 167–192
Marta Osypińska and Piotr Osypiński
Beads and pendants in the late Harbor Temple and the harbor temenos of the Red Sea port of Berenike (seasons 2010–2013): materials, techniques, functions and cultural attribution pp. 193–212
Joanna Then-Obłuska
Conservation interventions at the site of Berenike: challenges and solutions in an ancient city of the eastern Desert of Egypt, pp. 213–
Delia Eguiluz Maestro