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Plant remains from Jiyeh/Porphyreon, Lebanon (Seasons 2009–2014): Preliminary results of archeobotanical analysis and implications for future research

Monika Badura, Ewelina Rzeźnicka, Urszula Wicenciak and Tomasz Waliszewski


The seaside settlement of Jiyeh in Lebanon, now identified with the ancient Porphyreon, boasts a history dating back to the late Bronze Age and Iron Age when Phoenicia occupied part of the Levantine coast (eastern Mediterranean). Extensive archaeological excavations by a team from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw have focused on the urban residential quarter, which consists of numerous houses and buildings separated by passages, containing material that has provided important insights into the lives of its inhabitants over time. However, as archaeobotanical studies had not been conducted there before, the question of plant use remains an important and largely unknown area of research. This article presents the first botanical results from Jiyeh (seasons 2009–2014) and considers their implications for future cooperation between archaeologists and natural scientists.


Jiyeh, Porphyreon, Phoenicia, Lebanon, archaeobotany, useful plants, urban settlement, Sidon


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