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vol. XII (2013)

Volume XII
Journal Managing Editor:
Grzegorz Majcherek
Volume editors:
Michał Gawlikowski and Grzegorz Majcherek
with the collaboration of:
Marcin Wagner, Krzysztof Jakubiak
Technical editor:
Iwona Zych
Bibliographic editor:
Aleksandra Zych
Language consultation:
Katarzyna Bartkiewicz (French), Martin Lemke (German), Iwona Zych (English)
Grzegorz Ochała, Aleksandra Zych
Digital processing:
Ewa Czyżewska
Original cover design:
Marek Puszkarski
Grzegorz Ochała for PCMA
392 (B&W and color illustrations)
Some tombs recently excavated at Palmyra
Waleed Al-As‛ad abstract
Two Polish scholars in Palmyra (April 1926)
Olivier Aurenche, Stefan K. Kozłowski abstract
The first archaeologist of Palmyra
Marek Barański abstract
Research of the French archaeological mission to Palmyra
Christiane Delplace abstract
Palmyrenes in Hatra: evidence for cultural relations in the Fertile Crescent
Lucinda Dirven abstract
New perspectives on the ritual and cultic importance of women at Palmyra
and Dura Europos: processions and temples
Cynthia Finlayson abstract
In the footsteps of Prince Abemelek in Palmyra
Michał Gawlikowski abstract
Between Rome and Islam: recent research on the so-called Caesareum of Palmyra
Denis Genequand abstract
PAL.M.A.I.S. Research and excavation by a new joint Syro-Italian mission
in the southwest quarter of Palmyra
Maria Teresa Grassi, Waleed Al-As‛ad abstract
The morphology of the environs of Palmyra: ground relief, environment, roads
Manar Hammad abstract
The tomb of ‛Aqraban
Khalil Al-Hariri abstract
The tower tombs of Palmyra: chronology, architecture and decoration
Agnes Henning abstract
Christianisation of Palmyra: Early Byzantine Church in the temple of Bel
Elżbieta Jastrzębowska abstract
Late Roman fortifications in Palmyra
Karol Juchniewicz abstract
Burial archaeology and the evidence for settlement in the steppe area in
the Late Roman provinces of Syria and Arabia
Michaela Konrad abstract
On the ̋good gods ̋ in Palmyra
Aleksandra Kubiak abstract
The issue of processional rites in Palmyra
Amélie Le Bihan abstract
Excavating the basilicas
Grzegorz Majcherek abstract
City and hinterland. Villages and estates north of Palmyra. New perspectives
Jørgen Christian Meyer abstract
Female burial practices in Palmyra: some observations from the underground tombs
Kiyohide Saito abstract
Thirty years of Syro–German/Austrian archaeological research at Palmyra
Andreas Schmidt-Colinet, Khaled Al-As‛ad, Waleed Al-As‛ad abstract
Coepimus et lapide pingere: marble decoration from the‘Baths of Diocletian’ at Palmyra
Dagmara Wielgosz abstract
Palmyrene epigraphy after PAT, 1996-2011
Jean-Baptiste Yon abstract
Palmyra and the Far Eastern trade
Marta Żuchowska abstract