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Contributions from private sponsors and benefactors constitute a substantial addition to the subsidized budget of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of Warsaw University.

We would like to thank all the institutions and individual benefactors, who have ever supported us with their generous contributions


Konimpex – Banganarti/Selib Mission


PKN ORLEN – Missions:
                                         Tell Arbid
                                         Deir el Bahari


Packard Humanities Institute (Banganarti Mission)

Patrimonium Foundation (Dahla Mission)

Maria Sapieha Beckmann (Library of the PCMA Research Station on Cairo)

Anna Sapieha Wodzicka (Library of the PCMA Research Station on Cairo)

Teresa Sapieżanka (Library of the PCMA Research Station on Cairo)

Helene Zaleski (Missions Marea and Saqqara)



Sponsors of "Saved from the Deluge":

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (New York University) (Berenike Project)
John and Valerie Seeger, USA (Berenike Project)
Jean and Thomas Sidebotham, USA (Berenike Project)
Steve E. Sidebotham, USA (Berenike Project)
SIWA Translations, Warszawa (Berenike Project)


The Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań Foundation (AMU Project on Tell Arbid)
AKME Zdzisław Wiśniewski (Marina el-Alamein Restoration Mission)
Justyna and Jarosław Baćmaga, Radom (Sheikh Abd el-Gurna Manuscripts Mission)
Bone/Levine Architects New York (Marea Mission)
Damian Medical Center in Warsaw (Naqlun Mission)
KGHM Polska Miedź SA
KPMG Polska
Małgorzata and Sławomir Musielowie, "Restauro", Toruń (Sheikh Abd el-Gurna Manuscripts Mission)
National Heritage Foundation, Lebanon (Eshmun Valley Mission)
Packard Humanities Institute (Fourth Cataract Mission in Sudan)
Patrimonium Foundation, Poznań (Fourth Cataract Salvage Project in Sudan)
PGNiG (Saqqara Mission)
Poznań Prehistoric Society (Fourth Cataract Salvage Project in Sudan)
John and Valerie Seeger, USA (Berenike Mission)
Steve E. Sidebotham, USA (Berenike Mission)
Jean and Thomas Sidebotham, USA (Berenike Mission)
SIWA Translations, Warszawa
Students of the First Private Junior High School in Biedrusko (Deir el-Bahari project, Tell el-Farkha Mission)
William Whelan (Berenike Mission)
Helena Zaleski, Brussels (Saqqara Mission)
Teresa Żurkowska, Kraków (Saqqara Mission)

Special thanks to the benefactors of the Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt exhibition, Egyptian Museum in Cairo, 21 October - 21 November 2007)
GOLLAND Sp. z o.o., Kraków Branch
Michał Leszczyński Grupa 5 Architects
Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oil and Gas Drilling Company Nafta Ltd. Piła, Stanisław Wais, Company President
Polish Radio Channel III
Piotr Suszek, Kraków
Daria Tarara, Poznań
University of Warsaw Choir Collegium Musicum
University of Warsaw Foundation

Our sponsors and benefactors in previous years: