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About PCMA publications
The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology produces quality books and periodicals that record the results of archaeological excavation and conservation projects carried out by the PCMA expeditions in Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Armenia and Georgia. All submitted publications are subjected to preliminary qualifying evaluation by members of the Editorial Board and the International Advisory Board, and to double-blind reviewing procedures.

PAM Monograph Series
PAM Supplement Series
PCMA Excavation Series
PCMA Archaeological Guides
Studia Palmyreńskie
Popular publications
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM)
Studia Palmyreńskie
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PCMA research published by PCMA associates



PAM Monograph Series and PAM Supplement Series comprise in-depth studies of both contemporary and archival fieldwork carried out by PCMA expeditions. The series were established respectively in 2006 and 2009. PAM Supplement Series and PAM Monograph Series are published for the PCMA by the University of Warsaw Press, which also distributes our books and periodicals through their channels.

PAM Monographs Series

S. Jakobielski et alii, Pachoras. The Cathedrals of Paulos and Petros, The Wall Paintings

PAM Supplement Series



PCMA Excavation Series initiated in 2011, is a book series presenting excavation reports from sites studied by PCMA missions. It comprises both final and intermediate reports on archaeological and other fieldwork conducted at the site. This can include conservation and site presentation projects as well as the results of auxiliary research: topographical, geophysical, archaeozoological and archaeobotanical, etc.

Włodzimierz Godlewski, Dorota Dzierzbicka (eds), Dongola 2012–2014. Fieldwork, Conservation and Site Management [=PCMA Excavation Series 3], Warsaw: PCMA, 2015

PCMA Archaeological Guides are concise, richly-illustrated overviews of the history and material culture of chosen sites, based on up-to-date research. They will satisfy the needs of students who look for a scholarly, yet user-friendly introduction to the site and its background and for enthusiasts of the history and archaeology of the region. Travelers planning a journey off the beaten track will find it a first-rate (and often the only available) source of information on the historical monuments they are about to visit. The series was established in 2013.



Miscellanea: occasional scholarly publications connected with PCMA research, such as jubilee volumes, exhibition catalogues, etc.

50 lat polskich wykopalisk w Egipcie i na Bliskim Wschodzie Od Nilu do Eufratu Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt - exhibition catalogue

The Inscriptions in the Museum of Palmyra  


Popular publications are occasional publications (books and booklets) popularizing PCMA research.

As-Sabbiyah 2007-2010. Kuwaiti-Polish Archaeological Investigations in Northern Kuwait, Warsaw - Al- Jahra 2011
From Byzantine Mosaics to Medieval Paintings. Fifteen years of Polish-Lebanese cooperation in archaeology and conservation 1996-2011, Beirut 2012

Nea Paphos. 50 Years of Polish Excavations 1965-2015

Centrum Archeologii Śródziemnomorskiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Raport roczny 2015 (Annual Report of the PCMA)


Some of our publications are available on CDs or freely accessible on-line:


Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean: all volumes of the journal are accessible at PAM Journal; issues starting with volume 17 can be found in C.E.E.O.L.

Studia Palmyreńskie: the table of contents of volumes 1–12 and articles from volume 11 (2010) are accessible at the journal's website. Volume 12 (2013) can be found in C.E.E.O.L.

Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt: the book can be found on our Additional Materials page.

An array of plates, booklets and folders from exhibitions etc. can also be found among the Additional Materials.



Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) (ISSN 1234-5415)
is the Polish Centre’s flagship periodical containing up-to-date reports on current fieldwork. The first volume collected results of excavations carried out in 1988–1989.The annual contains reports on fieldwork and other projects by the PCMA (volumes 1–19) as well as studies and articles concerning excavations carried out by the Centre and its associates (starting with volume 20).
For more information go to the journal’s website: PAM Journal

Studia Palmyreńskie (ISSN 0081-6787)
Irregular periodical presenting articles and monographic studies from the field of Palmyrene research. Published from 1966 till 2013 (12 volumes). In 2014, with the 13th volume, transformed into a book series serving the same purpose. For more information go to Studia Palmyreńskie



Joint series

Series produced or co-produced by the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences (IKSIO PAN), formerly Research Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences (ZAŚ PAN):


Series published in cooperation with the National Council for Culture Arts and Letters of the State of Kuwait: Kuwaiti–Polish Archaeological Mission (KPAM) Publications

As-Sabbiyah 2007-2010. Kuwaiti-Polish Archaeological Investigations in Northern Kuwait, Warsaw - Al- Jahra 2011
P. Bieliński, M. Białowarczuk, H. Kiersnowski, J. Piątkowska-Małecka, A. Reiche, A. Smogorzewska, A. Szymczak, Bahra 1 Excavations in 2013. Preliminary Report on the Fifth Season of Kuwaiti–Polish Archaeological Explorations, Kuwait, 2015 Łukasz Rutkowski
with contributions by M. Makowski, A. Reiche, A. Sołtysiak, Z. Wygnańska, Tumuli graves and other stone structures on the north coast of Kuwait Bay (Al-Subiyah 2007–2012), Kuwait, 2015

PCMA research published by PCMA associates

Journal of Juristic Papyrology series
(Department of Papyrology, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)


Series editors: Tomasz Derda, Jakub Urbanik
To order please contact:kuba@adm.uw.edu.pl


Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports series (Gdansk Archaeological Museum):





Archaeological Museum
in Kraków
Wrocław University
of Technology
The State Archaeological
Museum in Warsaw

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