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Late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval

Sheikh Abd el-Gurna (Egypt) - Manuscript Conservation Mission

Dates of work: 4 December 2010–31 January 2011


Director: Anna Thommeé, senior conservator of art works (Polish Ateliers for Conservation of Cultural Property)

SCA representative: Safinaz Ali Mohamed

The conservation of three Coptic manuscripts, two papyrus codices and a parchment book, discovered in the refuse dump of a hermitage at Sheikh Abd el-Gurna was continued with the application of appropriate procedures. Microbiological tests were carried out again in connection with a planned move of the manuscripts to the Coptic Museum in Cairo. The SCA laboratory in Cairo tested samples taken from representative areas of all manuscripts with typically changed characteristics. Blotters sprayed with PCMC were interleaved for disinfection purposes.

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Anna Thommeé: anna.thommee@gmail.com