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Late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval

Sheikh Abd el-Gurna (Egypt)

Dates of work: 1 November–16 December 2009


Director: Tomasz Górecki (National Museum in Warsaw)

SCA representative: Hussein Mohamed Hussein (fieldwork supervision), Magda Sadiy Ebid (Supervision of work in the Gurna storehouse)

Anthropologist: Beata Balukieviciute (freelance)

Pottery specialists: Dr. Teodozja Rzeuska (Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Plaitwork specialist: Christiane Hochstrasser-Petit (freelance)

Pottery specialist: Mariola Orzechowska (freelance)

Archaeobotanist: Assoc. Prof. Jarosław Zieliński (Szczecin Agricultural Academy)

Archaeozoologist: Urszula Iwaszczuk (freelance)

Textiles restorer: Barbara Czaja-Szewczak (Museum-Palace Wilanów)

Metal restorer: Władysław Weker (State Archaeological Museum, Warsaw)

Photographer: Dariusz Dąbkowski (freelance)

Student-trainee: Julia Górecka (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

Excavations focused on the southern part of the courtyard in front of the hermitage, where a ramp of stone rubble with few artifacts was uncovered. Specialist conservation focused on several bronze objects found in 2003 and on a few iron objects from different seasons. Specialist studies were carried out in the SCA storerooms on material from the complex, including ostraka, textiles (more than 300 fragments) and pottery (several hundred sherds dating from the Middle Kingdom to the Hellenistic period). Anthropological, archaeozoological, dendrochronological and botanical analyses were also carried out.

[Text: PAM]

T. Górecki: gurna1152@yahoo.com