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Late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval

Fourth Cataract (Sudan)

Fourth Cataract (Shemkhiya, el-Ar and Umm Saffaya)

Dates of work: 19 December 2007–3 February 2008


Director: Dr. Bogdan Żurawski, archaeologist (Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences)

NCAM representative: Fathiya Abd er-Rahman

Archaeologists: Anna Błaszczyk, Jarosław Święcicki, Magdalena Włodarska (all freelance)

Anthropologist: Prof. Karol Piasecki (Social Anthropology Department, Institute of Sociology and Psychology, Szczecin University)

Photographer: Marcin Jamkowski (freelance)

Student-trainees: Martyna Mazur, Alicja Pląskowska (Institute of Prehistory, University of Poznań), Łukasz Zieliński (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

Exploration of a post-Meroitic tumulus cemetery near Ab Naqaqir (El-Ar 1) with rich grave deposits (ceramics, a copper alloy vessel and a leather shield). Extensive research on the early Christian, Kerma Period and Late Meroitic cemeteries. The concession area has been surveyed on foot and covered by aerial photographs taken from a kite.

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B. Żurawski: bzuraw@zaspan.waw.pl