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The pottery assemblage from B.I.41 in the palatial building in Dongola: A stratigraphic study

Katarzyna Danys


The article discusses an assemblage of pottery recovered from unit B.I.41, a room in the palatial building B.I excavated on the citadel of Dongola in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Exploration started with the fill of the room, followed by the fill of structures belonging to an earlier building below it. A well dated sequence of layers from the 6th through 7th centuries was identified. The pottery assemblage proved to be very abundant, composed of table vessels, cooking pots, storage and transport containers; the lattermost group included imported examples, mainly from Egypt. Most of the finds represented Dongolan ceramic production from the period in question.


Dongola, pottery, amphorae, tableware, Early Makuria, Egypt, Soba, imports


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