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Preliminary report on Polish excavations at Marina el-Alamein in the 2012–2015 seasons

Krzysztof Jakubiak


The Marina el-Alamein Archaeological Project concentrated on excavating the area in the northern part of the harbor town, where a street (S1) existed, running north–south toward the harbor, lined by buildings on both sides. A test trench was dug across it to study the stratigraphy. It helped to identify several street levels and at least two major building phases in this area. One of the structures (H39) contained a hypocaust furnace that led to the building interpreted as a bathhouse. A pebble mosaic was uncovered immediately west of the furnace. Opposite Building H39 and across street S1, there was a large and richly furnished residential house (H42). It encompassed two paved courtyards, which were in use in the first half of the 2nd century AD. Three seasons of excavations (2012, 2013 and 2014) were followed by a season devoted in its entirety to documentation of the pottery and other small finds from the excavations and to check the documentation from earlier seasons.


Marina el-Alamein, residential/domestic architecture, bathhouse, Roman, architectural decoration, mosaic, Roman pottery, oil lamps, ostraka


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